Each plank of flooring is sculpted to create a rustic, antique appeal along with old-world charm. Hand-scraping produces ridges and gouges full of character. Hand-scraped floors give a room a low-key, casual feel that may appeal if you're looking for a non-conventional touch in your home. The floors have a rough texture that creates the impression of age, and they go well with comfy decor and earth-tone walls. 


Smooth wood floors represents a traditional look of a hardwood floor that has been used in houses and structures for hundreds of years.  A smooth product captures its look from the character and grain of each individual species with out added textures by an individual or machine.  Smooth products are available in a number of species, widths and grades in both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. 


Distressing is a generic term referring to a method of making wood look antique. These processes may involve aging the wood, wire brushing, sculpting, and hand scraping the hardwood floor. Doing so results in a floor with a lot of texture and character. Distressed hardwood flooring would usually fit in homes with more rustic settings, but recently, distressed hardwood flooring, have found uses in more elegant settings.